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Name: Jacob LeBeau Email: jlebeau@nyx.nMAPSet
Skills: Web development, SGML, XML, VRML URL:
Work: Webmaster Joined: 8/2002

Name: James Furukawa Email: archone@windowcMAPSats.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Bike mechanic Joined: 2/2003

Name: Jan Wynholds Email: jcwynholds@yahoMAPSo.com
Skills: M/Cache, Java, Web, Mudding, Quake URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 11/2000

Name: Jared Duncan Email:
Skills: Apache, SSL, Perl, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, XML URL:
Work: Data Analyst Joined: 7/2002

Name: Jason Snyder Email: jmssnyder@ucdavis.edMAPSu
Skills: Unix C and FORTRAN programming URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2010

Name: Jason Aldrich Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: ASP and computer repair Joined: 12/2003

Name: Jason Hammons Email:
Skills: URL: http://www.jasonhammons.org/
Work: Programmer / System Administrator Joined: 6/2009

Name: Jay Ehrhart Email: Ehrhart@ycoe.MAPSorg
Skills: URL: http://www.ycoe.org/
Work: Network manager Joined: 5/2001

Name: Jean Deborah Ye Email:
Skills: Laboratory management / bioscience. URL:
Work: Free-lance consultant Joined: 9/2000

Name: Jedediah Coy Email: jedcoy@gmaMAPSil.com
Skills: URL:
Work: IT Joined: 6/2006

Name: Jeff Mandel Email: JEMandel@DirectvinternetMAPS.com
Skills: Java distributed apps URL: http://mandel.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/
Work: Anesthesiologist Joined: 11/2000

Name: Jeff Newmiller Email: jdnewmil@dcn.MAPSdavis.ca.us
Skills: C/C++, SQL, routing, embedded programming, XML, solar power, juggling URL: http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~jdnewmil/
Work: Research Engineer Joined: 1/1999

Name: Jeff Duncan Email:
Skills: Networks, database applications URL:
Work: MIS manager Joined: 6/2000

Name: Jeff Roush Email:
Skills: C++, Web URL: http://www.mousetool.com/
Work: Programmer Joined: 2/2001

Name: Jeff Defay Email: jfdefay@acm.orMAPSg
Skills: Perl, Sys-admin, Shells, Hardware URL:
Work: Technical architect Joined: 9/2000

Name: Jeffrey Nonken Email: jnork@nonkMAPSen.net
Skills: URL: jnork.nonken.net
Work: Embedded software engineer Joined: 8/2005

Name: Jem Esat Orgun Email: jeorgun@gmail.cMAPSom
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2012

Name: Jennifer Hughes Email: jennmw@gmMAPSail.com
Skills: URL:
Work: IT Manager Joined: 1/2012

Name: Jennifer Rutherford Email: jdrutherford@ucMAPSdavis.edu
Skills: Photoshop URL: http://members.tripod.com/~Jennifer_R/homepage.html
Work: Davis Enterprise Joined: 2/1999

Name: Jennifer Stickel Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Graduate student: biomedical engr. Joined: 10/2002

Name: Jeremiah Armstrong Email: mail@jeremiaharmMAPSstrong.com
Skills: Java, Networking URL: http://www.jeremiaharmstrong.com/
Work: Programmer Joined: 8/2002

Name: Jeremy Turner Email: jeremy@linuxwebguyMAPS.com
Skills: Web/PHP/Scripting URL: http://www.linuxwebguy.com/
Work: Sys Admin Joined: 9/2003

Name: Jeremy Leland Email:
Skills: Programming, Gaming URL: http://www.geocities.com/iggames13/
Work: K-12 Student Joined: 1/2003

Name: Jeroen Post Email: john@sMAPStarfixit.com
Skills: URL: http://www.starfixit.com/
Work: Joined: 1/2012

Name: Jesse Drew Email: jdrew@uMAPScdavis.edu
Skills: Media, electronics URL: http://www.jessedrew.com/
Work: Professor, UC Davis, Technoculture Joined: 1/2012

Name: Jessica Luedtke Email:
Skills: URL: http://www.ansible.org/~cat/
Work: Joined: 1/1999

Name: Jevan Gray Email: jevan@alivenesMAPSs.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 11/2010

Name: Jim Riffel Email:
Skills: Reliability URL: http://www.zworld.com/
Work: Network manager Joined: 3/2000

Name: Jim Lowman Email: jmlowman@directvintMAPSernet.com
Skills: C, C++, VB URL:
Work: Programmer/Analyst Joined: 8/2002

Name: Jim Self Email: jaself@ucdavis.MAPSedu
Skills: MUMPS, information systems, web applications, Mozilla, Apache URL: http://www.vmth.ucdavis.edu/us/jaself
Work: Systems Architect, Developer, Hospital Information Systems Joined: 5/1999

Name: Jim Stewart Email: jstewart@MAPSjkmicro.com
Skills: Embeded DOS and Linux, client/server URL: http://www.jkmicro.com/
Work: President, JKMicro Joined: 2/2000

Name: Jim Medlin Email:
Skills: Systems Administration Manager URL:
Work: Objectstream Joined: 9/1999

Name: Jim Long Email: james_howard_long@yahoMAPSo.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Software developer Joined: 2/2002

Name: Jim Vanderveen Email: jim.vanderveen@gmail.cMAPSom
Skills: URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jimvanderveen
Work: Senior Developer/DevOps Administrator Joined: 10/2002

Name: Joe Eagar Email: joeedh@gmail.MAPScom
Skills: Computer graphics URL:
Work: Software developer Joined: 11/2009

Name: Joel Baumert Email: jbaumert@gmail.MAPScom
Skills: C, C++, Tcl, TCP/IP, embedded programming URL:
Work: Director of Engineering Joined: 2/2000

Name: Joel Porquet Email: joel.porquet@gMAPSmail.com
Skills: Embedded systems, Kernel dev URL:
Work: Embedded system engineer Joined: 1/2016

Name: Joel Bremson Email: joel3000@MAPSgmail.com
Skills: Python, R, databases, Java URL:
Work: Postdoc Joined: 3/2014

Name: John Liechty Email:
Skills: MS degree in CS URL:
Work: Recent graduate Joined: 10/2003

Name: John Verderber Email:
Skills: Samba URL:
Work: Aircraft Inspector Joined: 2/2000

Name: John Scharf Email: jjes144@gMAPSmail.com
Skills: Raspberry Pi URL:
Work: Engineer Joined: 2/2016

Name: John Marks Email:
Skills: OOP, GUI, Serial communications, Database URL:
Work: Software engineer Joined: 4/2000

Name: John Radcliffe Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Retired Military Joined: 6/2001

Name: John McDonnell Email:
Skills: PHP, Kernel, Drivers URL: http://johnmc.org/
Work: SysAdmin, Programmer Joined: 7/2001

Name: John McCants Email: JohnMcCants2@hotMAPSmail.com
Skills: URL: http://blogandreview.com/sacramento/
Work: Craigslist barterer Joined: 1/2013

Name: John Cripsin Email: tumoheat@yaMAPShoo.com
Skills: HTML, some Perl/CGI URL: http://www.tumoheat.com/
Work: Web developer Joined: 12/2010

Name: John Reed Email: johnnycarlos@gmail.coMAPSm
Skills: Systems Operations URL: http://www.johnnycarlos.com
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 8/2013

Name: John Lin Email:
Skills: URL: http://www.gimpboy.com/
Work: Joined: 1/2000

Name: John Eberl Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: NetAdmin Joined: 2/2001

Name: John Garretson Email:
Skills: Solaris URL:
Work: Self-employed Joined: 12/2005

Name: John Gardner Email:
Skills: Gene sequencing URL:
Work: Molecular biologist Joined: 10/2001

Name: John Fabiani Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 10/2000

Name: John Zarrella Email:
Skills: C, C++, Java, Compilers, Embedded Systems, Drivers URL:
Work: Engineer Joined: 8/2002

Name: John C. Alden Email: lugod2.99.catmanchest@spamMAPSgourmet.com
Skills: VMWare, Xine installer(!), multi-netadmin (Lin,Win,Mac), Red Hat Network, Zope, Wiki, Nagios, Zaurus, Visio; also bass player, cat whisperer, X10 user, and RAID 1 believer. URL: http://annapolislinux.org/
Work: Trader Joe's Joined: 9/1999

Name: John T. Ferro III Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Customer service Joined: 4/2004

Name: Jon 'maddog' Hall Email: maddog@MAPSli.org
Skills: Unix, Linux, 35+ years of programming, systems administration. URL: http://www.li.org/
Work: President of Linux International and Consultant Joined: 8/2002

Name: Jonathan Stickel Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Process Development Engineer at Bayer Healthcare Joined: 10/2002

Name: Jonathan Poon Email: poonj@hotmailMAPS.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 3/2004

Name: Jonathan Isler Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Grad student Joined: 4/2003

Name: Jonathan M. Dillon-Hayes Email: j@fMAPSirebright.com
Skills: Multi-dimensional extreme chef, weekend cat herder, sysadmin, and slightly esteemed author of "Managing Weird Employees For Fun and Profit." URL: http://www.FireBright.com/
Work: Owner, FireBright, Inc. Joined: 4/2004

Name: Jorge Campos Email:
Skills: Computer Engineering, Digital ICs URL: http://robotics.engr.ucdavis.edu/
Work: Student Joined: 2/2002

Name: Jose "Javier" De Leon Email: deleonjavier@gmail.coMAPSm
Skills: URL: http://deleonjavier.homelinux.com/
Work: Student Joined: 4/2010

Name: Joseph Arruda Email: zeruch@vergeneMAPSt.net
Skills: URL: http://www.zeruch.net/
Work: Joined: 1/1999

Name: Josh Cohen Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: (Josh passed away in a plane crash in 2005) Joined: 6/1999

Name: Joshua Morris Email:
Skills: Full stack web development specializing in Ruby, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript URL: http://joshualemorris.com
Work: Web engineer Joined: 1/2006

Name: Joshua Rambo Email:
Skills: PC maintenance/networking URL: http://www.riverofshadows.com/
Work: IT Consultant Joined: 8/2001

Name: Joshua Endow Email: jkendow@gmMAPSail.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Researcher Joined: 1/2016

Name: Justin Magers Email:
Skills: RF/Microwave engineering URL: http://www.ece.ucdavis.edu/~jrmagers/
Work: Trimble Navigation, Ltd. Joined: 10/1999

Name: Justin Kittzman Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 2/2001

Name: Karen Ng Email: karenyng@ucdMAPSavis.edu
Skills: Data analysis, big data URL: http://karenyyng.github.io/
Work: Physicist, Data Scientist Joined: 5/2016

Name: Karl Wiggins Email: kndwigs@hotmMAPSail.com
Skills: Novell, C-5 Flight Engineer URL:
Work: Computer/Network Consultant Joined: 4/2003

Name: Karl Duesterberg Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 7/2005

Name: Karstyn McCoy Email:
Skills: URL: http://www.hiscs.org/
Work: IT manager Joined: 4/2002

Name: Katherine Wright Email: krwright1@yaMAPShoo.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 3/2003

Name: Kelly Hall Email:
Skills: URL: http://www.captusnetworks.com/
Work: Software engineering manager Joined: 2/2001

Name: Kelly Kishore Email:
Skills: URL: http://wwwcsif.cs.ucdavis.edu/~kishore/
Work: Joined: 1/2000

Name: Ken Murray Email: ken.murray@sbcglobal.neMAPSt
Skills: Intellectual property, Open Source licensing, Patents URL:
Work: Engineering Attorney Joined: 1/2003

Name: Kenji Tokita Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 1/2003

Name: Kenneth Lyons Email: ixjlyons@MAPSgmail.com
Skills: Python, scientific computing URL: http://ixjlyons.com
Work: PhD Student Joined: 1/2013

Name: Kenneth Herron Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 2/2002

Name: Kenneth Bloom Email: kbloom@gmaiMAPSl.com
Skills: URL: http://www.iit.edu/~kbloom1/
Work: Graduate Student at Illinois Institute of Technology Joined: 12/2002

Name: Kenny Koller Email: kenny.koller@gmailMAPS.com
Skills: Software, C++/C/Python URL:
Work: Embedded software engineer Joined: 3/2010

Name: Kent Austin Email: kentaustin@live.coMAPSm
Skills: Suse URL:
Work: Network administrator Joined: 3/2010

Name: Kevin Murakoshi Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 11/2000

Name: Kevin Ryan Email: kevinlryan@email.coMAPSm
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 1/2005

Name: Kevin Hrim Email:
Skills: Oracle RAC/GRID, Computer Mechanic URL: http://www.quilogy.com/
Work: Consultant, Oracle University Instructor Joined: 6/2006

Name: Kevin Hooke Email:
Skills: Java URL: http://www.kevinhooke.com/
Work: Software developer Joined: 1/2003

Name: Kevin Schultz Email: schultkl@ieeeMAPS.org
Skills: 5 yrs. development URL:
Work: Software Joined: 10/2007

Name: Kevin Lucas Email: yu210148@gmailMAPS.com
Skills: System administration, Web dev. URL:
Work: Joined: 6/2016

Name: Kevin Weedon Email: wertperch@gmailMAPS.com
Skills: Vim, Python URL:
Work: Joined: 8/2005

Name: Kirk Schroeder Email: kirkschr@pacbeMAPSll.net
Skills: Admin URL:
Work: Joined: 2/2001

Name: Kyle Oliveira Email: kcoliveira@ucdaviMAPSs.edu
Skills: Presentations, Demonstrations and Workshops URL:
Work: Student, Volunteer 4-H Leader Joined: 6/2006

Name: Kyle Ambroff Email:
Skills: Python, Mono, Debian, C++ URL:
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 3/2009

Name: Lance Geroso Email: gero3977@gmail.MAPScom
Skills: URL:
Work: High school student Joined: 4/2009

Name: Lance Simons Email: lcsimons@ucdaMAPSvis.edu
Skills: URL:
Work: Grad student @ UC Davis Joined: 9/2010

Name: Larry Sigley Email:
Skills: System admin URL:
Work: System admin Joined: 2/2000

Name: Larry Ozeran Email:
Skills: URL: http://www.clinicalinformatics.com/
Work: Physician, Programmer Joined: 3/2001

Name: Larry Cafiero Email: larry.cafiero@gmMAPSail.com
Skills: Fairly extensive URL: http://larrythefreesoftwareguy.wordpress.com
Work: Newspaper editor / FOSS advocate Joined: 4/2013

Name: Laura Winkelbauer Email:
Skills: Web stuff, fixing hardware URL: http://spcnet.com/
Work: Technical consultant Joined: 6/2000

Name: Lee Welter Email: welter@MAPScomputer.org
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 10/2000

Name: Lelon Stoldt Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 10/1999

Name: Leng Siakkhasone Email: lbsiakkhasone@ucdMAPSavis.edu
Skills: URL: http://wwwcsif.cs.ucdavis.edu/~siakkhas/
Work: Joined: 2/1999

Name: Leo Rainer Email:
Skills: URL: http://www.davisenergy.com/
Work: Engineer, Davis Energy Group Joined: 9/1999

Name: Leonard Ryall Email:
Skills: Mainframe programming in COBOL and IBM 360/370, assembly, Nomad, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access URL:
Work: retired computer programmer/analyst Joined: 6/2004

Name: Linus Sphinx Email: linus@fuMAPSllsack.com
Skills: Enterprise Managment URL: http://www.fullsack.com/
Work: Programmer/analyst Joined: 9/2001

Name: Lorie Obal Email:
Skills: Linux in business URL:
Work: Student, JC instructor Joined: 9/2002

Name: Ludwig Pummer Email:
Skills: Apache, PHP, mod_ssl, MySQL, qmail, CVS, FreeBSD URL:
Work: Student Joined: 11/1999

Name: Lynda Weiss Email: lynda@MAPSlyndaweiss.net
Skills: URL: http://www.lyndaweiss.net/
Work: Joined: 7/2010


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