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Name: Patrick Southcott Email: southcottus@yahooMAPS.com
Skills: Linux, Webapp URL:
Work: IT Joined: 6/2002

Name: Patrick Lickiss Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 3/2001

Name: Patrick Staight Email:
Skills: C++, compression, encryption URL:
Work: Student Joined: 2/2001

Name: Paul Telford Email: paul@drofleMAPSt.net
Skills: URL: http://www.roselug.org/
Work: Sys admin Joined: 1/2003

Name: Paul Miller Email:
Skills: Small biz. communications, servers URL: http://millerco.net/tux
Work: Network installer Joined: 3/2001

Name: Paul Condon Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Retired physicist, computer scientist Joined: 3/2000

Name: Paul Ulbrich Email: paululbrich@hotmaMAPSil.com
Skills: Medical URL:
Work: Retired Joined: 6/2010

Name: Paul Bertain Email: paul@bertain.nMAPSet
Skills: Network monitoring/support, Unix, web design URL:
Work: Tier 1 tech support Joined: 9/2000

Name: Paul Barnhart Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Retired Joined: 9/2001

Name: Paulette Jaeger Email:
Skills: Gardening, Teaching URL:
Work: Consultant/Agriculture Joined: 4/2003

Name: Pedro Martinez Email: pjmartinezgarcia1@gmail.cMAPSom
Skills: Genomic, bioinformatics URL:
Work: Postdoc Joined: 2/2014

Name: Peter Jay Salzman Email: p@diraMAPSc.org
Skills: general programming, sysadm, numerical simulations, theoretical physics URL: http://www.dirac.org/
Work: Joined: 1/1999

Name: Philip Southam Email:
Skills: FreeBSD URL: http://www.philipsoutham.net/
Work: Technician Joined: 8/2002

Name: Philip Smith Email: philip0530@yahMAPSoo.com
Skills: Application development, Java URL:
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 9/2002

Name: Pi-hsia Su Email: pihsia@yahooMAPS.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 10/2000

Name: Prabal Dangol Email: prabal.dangol@gmail.MAPScom
Skills: URL:
Work: Manufacturing engineer Joined: 1/2015

Name: Quinn Hart Email: qjhart@MAPSucdavis.edu
Skills: Image processing, GIS, Perl URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 1/2003

Name: Rajneesh Kapur Email:
Skills: Unix URL: http://www.rishikapur.freeservers.com/
Work: Student Joined: 9/2001

Name: Ralph Finch Email:
Skills: Windows, Sun Solaris, numerical models URL:
Work: Civil Engineer Joined: 11/2008

Name: Ralph Brown Email: copz1998@yahoo.coMAPSm
Skills: Web design URL: http://www.policing.net/
Work: Police officer Joined: 12/1999

Name: Ralph Bruckschen Email:
Skills: OpenGL, Performer, OpenInventor, visualization URL:
Work: Large Scale Data Visualization researcher Joined: 12/2000

Name: Ralph Haygood Email:
Skills: Simulations URL:
Work: Graduate Student, Population biology Joined: 10/1999

Name: Ran Ghoman Email: rghoman@hotmail.cMAPSom
Skills: Electrical Engineering URL:
Work: Student Joined: 2/2002

Name: Randy Bradshaw Email: randy.bradshaw@sbcglMAPSobal.net
Skills: General computer, electronics, mechanics URL:
Work: Retired Joined: 4/2011

Name: Ray Dias Email: raydias@MAPShotmail.com
Skills: - URL:
Work: Engineer Joined: 8/2002

Name: Ray Grimmond Email:
Skills: C/C++, Javs Swing, J2ME, J2SE, J2EE URL: http://www.qwan.com/
Work: Developer Joined: 10/2003

Name: Raymond Payne Email:
Skills: Music, electronics URL:
Work: Engineering manager Joined: 9/2002

Name: Remington Stone Email:
Skills: Biophysics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Parliamentary Procedure URL: http://antoinette.ucdavis.edu/fairclough/rem.html
Work: UC Davis, Dept. of Neurology Joined: 1/1999

Name: Rhonda Bailey Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 7/1999

Name: Ricardo Verdugar Email:
Skills: Bioinformatics URL:
Work: PhD Student (Genetics) Joined: 1/2003

Name: Richard Crawford Email: rscrawford@mossroot.cMAPSom
Skills: PHP, some Perl, web development, writing, grilling URL: http://www.mossroot.com
Work: Solaris/Oracle Wrangler, UC Davis Extension Distance Education Group. Library student. Joined: 7/2001

Name: Richard Massa Email: ramassa@MAPSucdavis.edu
Skills: URL:
Work: Unix Sysadmin Joined: 7/2003

Name: Richard Flink Email:
Skills: URL: http://wizzard.dyndns.org/
Work: Student Joined: 3/2002

Name: Richard Bruce Email:
Skills: Public access URL: http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~webacces/
Work: Substitute teacher Joined: 5/2002

Name: Richard Ely Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Electrical Engineer Joined: 2/2002

Name: Richard Harke Email:
Skills: C++ URL: http://www.harke.org/
Work: Joined: 4/2002

Name: Rick O'Shaughnessy Email: rosh@poMAPSbox.com
Skills: SQL/Perl URL:
Work: Joined: 10/2000

Name: Rick Mansker Email:
Skills: Middleware, UIs URL: http://www.occamdev.com/
Work: Principal Joined: 6/2001

Name: Rob Rogers Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 2/2003

Name: Rob Arnold Email:
Skills: Networking w/ Developers URL:
Work: Software developer Joined: 9/1999

Name: Robert Canson Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Retired Joined: 6/2006

Name: Robert Kohany Email:
Skills: NT, Cisco, Solaris URL:
Work: System admin Joined: 2/2000

Name: Robert E. Smith III Email: treystylesgetsdown@yahoo.cMAPSom
Skills: URL:
Work: Ballatician Joined: 11/2016

Name: Rod Roark Email: rod@sunsetsystems.cMAPSom
Skills: C++, Java URL: http://www.sunsetsystems.com/
Work: Consultant Joined: 2/2001

Name: Roger Hanson Email: hansonrj@surMAPSewest.net
Skills: Rookie URL:
Work: Retired Joined: 4/2004

Name: Roland Synnestvedt Email: rsynnest@ucdavMAPSis.edu
Skills: Web dev, R URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 2/2014

Name: Ruben F. Arevalo Email: rfarevalo@ucdavis.eMAPSdu
Skills: Solution provider URL:
Work: Computer Specialist Joined: 6/2002

Name: Rudy Ramos Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 10/2003

Name: Russ Kyle Email:
Skills: Unix URL:
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 3/2002

Name: Russell Dawson Email:
Skills: Image processing, networking, C/C++, Java URL: http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~rdawson/
Work: Programming Joined: 3/2000

Name: Rusty Minden Email:
Skills: Telecommunications URL:
Work: Telecomm. coordinator Joined: 7/2000

Name: Ryan Phillips Email:
Skills: Gentoo developer URL: http://www.trolcsis.com/
Work: Student/programmer Joined: 9/2002

Name: Ryan Fu Email: rhbfu@hoMAPStmail.com
Skills: C, C++ URL:
Work: Student Joined: 7/2002

Name: Ryan Castellucci Email: cjg5ehir02@sneakemaMAPSil.com
Skills: URL: http://ryanc.org/
Work: Student Joined: 8/2001

Name: Ryan Eaton Email: ryan.eaton@eatoMAPSnr.me
Skills: Servers URL: http://weblog.eatonr.me/
Work: Project Manager Joined: 1/2017

Name: Ryan Starback Email: flashuni@gmaMAPSil.com
Skills: Ruby URL: http://www.flashuni.com/
Work: Student Joined: 8/2009

Name: S. Daubert Email: daubert@MAPSgmail.com
Skills: Networking URL:
Work: IT Joined: 1/2015

Name: Sam Merritt Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 5/1999

Name: Sameer Verma Email: sverma@sMAPSfsu.edu
Skills: Open Source in Business, Networks, etc. URL: http://verma.sfsu.edu/
Work: Professor, Information Systems Joined: 3/2003

Name: Samuel Peterson Email:
Skills: Perl, PHP, Apache, MySQL URL:
Work: SysAdmin, Tech Support Joined: 8/2001

Name: Sanath Amaratunga Email:
Skills: Process engineering URL:
Work: Post doc. Joined: 6/2006

Name: Sarah Clausen Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 4/1999

Name: Sathya Narayanan Email:
Skills: Applications Development; Networking URL:
Work: E-commerce development manager Joined: 6/2003

Name: Scot Albert Email: gvlt55@gMAPSmail.com
Skills: Helping people URL: http://www.xpr3.com
Work: Entrepreneur Joined: 1/2008

Name: Scott Reinert Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 5/1999

Name: Scott Spiess Email: sspiess@rcsis.MAPScom
Skills: 3D animation URL: http://www.scottandsandra.com/
Work: IT Joined: 6/2001

Name: Scott Livingston Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: DSHS student Joined: 9/2003

Name: Scott Ritchie Email: scott@open-votMAPSe.org
Skills: URL: http://www.yousuckattheinternet.net/
Work: Joined: 1/2005

Name: Scott Miller Email: scottlinux@gmailMAPS.com
Skills: Linux desktop and audio URL:
Work: Tech support Joined: 1/2008

Name: Seth Nagao Email: dokuja@dokMAPSuja.net
Skills: Networking, Beowulf clusters URL: http://www.dokuja.net
Work: Joined: 2/2000

Name: Sherrie Navarro Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 10/2001

Name: Shuki Hayashi Email: shayashi@dcn.davisMAPS.ca.us
Skills: Writing URL:
Work: Physics Professor (retired) Joined: 12/1999

Name: Sigrid Roehling Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 8/2002

Name: Simon Murphey Email: n0.s0luti0n.1134@gMAPSmail.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Food server Joined: 1/2009

Name: Sinclair Yeh Email: sinclair.yeh@iclouMAPSd.com
Skills: OpenGL DRI driver, kernel mode DRM driver URL:
Work: Graphics software engineer Joined: 5/2015

Name: Sonny Cruz Email:
Skills: Java URL: http://pages.sbcglobal.net/icruz/
Work: Joined: 10/2003

Name: Stanley Price Email:
Skills: insurance URL:
Work: seeking, accounting Joined: 7/2005

Name: Stepan Kryshtafouych Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: DBA Joined: 10/2013

Name: Stephen Lawrence Email:
Skills: PC Support Technician URL:
Work: Examen, Inc. Joined: 10/1999

Name: Stephen Helms Email:
Skills: Security, network admin, Linux, FreeBSD URL: http://www.silkie.org/
Work: Sysadmin Joined: 6/2000

Name: Stephen Chambers Email: ezpeaceom@yaMAPShoo.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Social services Joined: 9/2011

Name: Sterling Ingwers Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 2/2001

Name: Steve McMahon Email: steve@dcn.davis.MAPSca.us
Skills: URL:
Work: Software developer Joined: 8/1999

Name: Steve Zeck Email: saintly@innocenMAPSt.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 5/1999

Name: Steve Nyholm Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 11/1999

Name: Steven Peck Email: speck@blMAPSkmtn.org
Skills: URL: http://www.blkmtn.org/
Work: Sysadmin Joined: 2/2001

Name: Steven Doyle Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 11/1999

Name: Stou Sandalski Email: stou@icapsid.neMAPSt
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 8/2008

Name: Sung Choi Email: sungyeol.choi@gmaiMAPSl.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 6/2011

Name: Susie Quach Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 2/2000


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