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Name: Dan Shadoan Email: djshadoan@ucdMAPSavis.edu
Skills: URL:
Work: Researcher Joined: 10/2003

Name: Daniel Scrivano Email: scrivinator@gmaiMAPSl.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Student, Network Linux Admin Joined: 6/2010

Name: Daniel Holmlund Email:
Skills: Security, Kernel Development URL:
Work: Student / UCD Security Lab / Consulting Joined: 10/2000

Name: Daniel Lattimore Email: ubar@sbcgMAPSlobal.net
Skills: Algorithm development URL:
Work: Joined: 10/2010

Name: Daniel Beeghly Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 5/2003

Name: Daniel Ramon Email: dan.ramon@MAPSrocketmail.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Student/Coffee drinker Joined: 8/2009

Name: Daniel C. Nelson Email: packetcollision@gmail.cMAPSom
Skills: Linux, LAMP stack, Ham radio URL: http://www.packetcollision.com/
Work: Systems administrator, Programmer, Student Joined: 1/2012

Name: Danny Webster Email:
Skills: Broadband URL:
Work: Chemist, Consultant Joined: 6/2001

Name: Daphne Pareas Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: SBC Joined: 10/1999

Name: Darren Sutherland Email: oldsquarehead@gMAPSmail.com
Skills: PHP/Java URL: http://oldsquarehead.com/
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 8/2010

Name: Dave Peticolas Email: dave@krondo.coMAPSm
Skills: Python, GTK+, RDBMS URL: http://www.krondo.com/
Work: Programmer Joined: 6/2001

Name: Dave Simmons Email:
Skills: Server development, games, TCP/IP URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 2/2000

Name: Dave Griffith Email: griffith@jMAPSps.net
Skills: Databases, Software Project Management URL:
Work: Computer Engineer Joined: 4/2002

Name: Dave Nelson Email: dwnelson@dcn.MAPSorg
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 6/2000

Name: Dave Storm Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2003

Name: David Craig Email:
Skills: Database Development, Python URL:
Work: Prison Admin - Operations Joined: 7/2002

Name: David Leippe Email: dave@leippe.coMAPSm
Skills: Win98/NT, Atari ST/TT, CD audio, networking URL: http://www.leippe.com/
Work: Pilot Joined: 1/2000

Name: David Markman Email: markmandp@hotmMAPSail.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Computer sales, service Joined: 3/2001

Name: David Lindsay Email: david_lee_lindsay@yahMAPSoo.com
Skills: Unix and Windows Software Development URL:
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 1/2002

Name: David Waetjen Email: dwaetjen@uMAPScdavis.edu
Skills: PHP, MySQL, Java URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2005

Name: David Deppner Email:
Skills: Quake, Legos, Beer URL:
Work: PHB Joined: 3/2000

Name: David Crawford Email:
Skills: DOS, Simple Windows GUI, C#, Debian, Fractals, AutoCAD URL:
Work: Student Joined: 12/2000

Name: David Spencer Email: spencer@pageweavers.cMAPSom
Skills: 30+ years programming/sysadmin. URL: http://www.pageweavers.com/
Work: Internet Handyman Joined: 5/2007

Name: David Scott Email: damscott@ucdaMAPSvis.edu
Skills: URL:
Work: SysAdmin Joined: 5/2016

Name: David Margolis Email:
Skills: - URL: http://www.silogram.net
Work: Net admin., web developer, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Slackware, Java Joined: 6/2002

Name: David Pitts Email: dpitts@mk.nMAPSet
Skills: URL: http://www.dpitts.com/
Work: Joined: 7/1999

Name: David O'Brien Email: obrien@freebsMAPSd.org
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 5/1999

Name: David Cheney Email:
Skills: C, Perl, security, Debian URL: http://www.redtoast.com/~dave/
Work: Joined: 11/2002

Name: David Teter Email: david@teter.MAPSws
Skills: Web development, HP-UX URL: http://www.teter.ws/
Work: Student Joined: 6/2002

Name: David Siedband Email: technique@oceanMAPSicsky.com
Skills: Zope, Plone, Python, PostgreSQL, XML URL: http://www.oceanicsky.com/
Work: Web application developer Joined: 1/2002

Name: David Larson Email:
Skills: C, C++, Java, CGI, Web hosting, e-commerce URL: http://www.z500.net/
Work: Program Analyst Joined: 7/2002

Name: David King Email: ketralnis@gmaMAPSil.com
Skills: FreeBSD, C, Java, Ruby URL: http://www.ketralnis.com
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 2/2003

Name: David Bingle Email: dbingle@pacbelMAPSl.net
Skills: Network systems administration URL:
Work: Joined: 1/2004

Name: David J. Barnum Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2003

Name: Dawn Perri Email: dmperri@ucdaviMAPSs.edu
Skills: PHP web development and Veterinary Medicine URL:
Work: Veterinary nurse Joined: 2/2004

Name: Dawn Hustig Email: auroramaxima@gmail.cMAPSom
Skills: Linux Noob / 2 yrs C/C++ programming URL:
Work: Student Joined: 10/2007

Name: Dean Johansson Email: johansson@startmail.MAPScom
Skills: Privacy, police surveillance URL:
Work: Government employee Joined: 3/2017

Name: Dean Bunn Email: dbunn@MAPSucdavis.edu
Skills: URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 1/2015

Name: Dick McCabe Email:
Skills: URL: http://www.ironmc.com/
Work: Ironworker Joined: 5/2002

Name: Diego Pedrosa Email: linuxmant@gMAPSmail.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 2/2011

Name: Dmitriy Ivanov Email: ace22b@mMAPSyrealbox.com
Skills: Debian, Python, Networking URL:
Work: Student Joined: 8/2002

Name: Don Dunn Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Consultant Joined: 4/2001

Name: Don Soegaard Email:
Skills: URL: http://www.linuxwillprevail.com/
Work: Engineer Joined: 7/2002

Name: Doug Fisk Email:
Skills: Database applications; Development and Deployment URL: http://www.oslerbooks.com/
Work: Retired Joined: 6/2003

Name: Douglas Barbieri Email: doug@dooglio.nMAPSet
Skills: Linux, C++, Win32, COM URL: http://www.dooglio.net/
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 4/2001

Name: Drew Parsons Email: dparsons@emerMAPSall.com
Skills: Scientific programming (C, Fortran) URL:
Work: Joined: 11/1999

Name: Duncan Harris Email: me@caphector.MAPScom
Skills: Apple/Mac URL: http://caphector.com
Work: Tech support Joined: 9/2004

Name: Dylan Beaudette Email: debeaudette@ucdavMAPSis.edu
Skills: PPC hardware, remote sensing URL:
Work: Student Joined: 7/2003

Name: Ed Tannenbaum Email: et@et-arts.coMAPSm
Skills: Video special effects, digital, real-time; Embedded for artworks URL: http://www.et-arts.com/
Work: Artist Joined: 4/2003

Name: Ed Capriola Email:
Skills: Sybase URL: http://www.capriola.org/
Work: Retired Joined: 12/2001

Name: Edmund Mendez Email:
Skills: New explorer to Linux URL:
Work: Joined: 3/2004

Name: Edward Elliott Email: ed_elliott@email.MAPScom
Skills: Database, network design, system architecture URL:
Work: IT management Joined: 5/2003

Name: Edward Nieto Email: nietosac@gmMAPSail.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Environmental Engineer Joined: 12/2008

Name: Edward Broyles Email:
Skills: Database, Perl URL:
Work: Data Architect Joined: 11/1999

Name: Edward Goldberg Email: emg@edwardmgoldberMAPSg.com
Skills: Linux programming / real-time URL: http://www.edwardmgoldberg.com/
Work: Joined: 12/2001

Name: Edwin Groot Email:
Skills: Restoring early micros. URL:
Work: Postdoctoral Associate, Plant Biology Joined: 11/2000

Name: Eirik Dentz Email:
Skills: Linux, Apache, MySQL, XML application programming-system, server administration, networking URL: http://dentz.net
Work: Web Developer/Sysadmin Joined: 7/2004

Name: Elena Lopez Email: lopez.apclass@gmail.MAPScom
Skills: Biology, Integrative Physiology URL: http://elenamlopez.com/
Work: Researcher and Educator Joined: 8/2010

Name: Elissa Monteiro Email: elissa.monteiro@gmail.coMAPSm
Skills: URL:
Work: Research assistant Joined: 1/2016

Name: Emily Stumpf Email: emily@uMAPScdavis.edu
Skills: URL:
Work: UC Davis Joined: 10/1999

Name: Emily Schleiner Email: cordial.emily@gmailMAPS.com
Skills: Video/sculpture/web URL: http://www.cordial-emily.com/
Work: Artist/Web designer Joined: 1/2013

Name: Emmanuel Jee Email: emmanuel.jee@gmMAPSail.com
Skills: Embedded Linux, firmware URL:
Work: Software engineer Joined: 5/2015

Name: Eric Olinger Email: evvl@ruMAPSstedhalo.net
Skills: Slackware, Linux from Scratch, Compiling, Scripting URL: http://evvl.rustedhalo.net/
Work: Programmer Joined: 7/2002

Name: Eric Rasmussen Email: ericrasmussen@gmaMAPSil.com
Skills: Python web development, Haskell parsing URL:
Work: Programmer / Online operations Joined: 9/2011

Name: Eric Olsen Email: ericjolsen@gmaiMAPSl.com
Skills: Linux, PHP, MySQL, Bash, Windows 2003 URL:
Work: Network/System Admin Joined: 12/2008

Name: Eric Engelhard Email:
Skills: Entomology, virology, molec. biology URL:
Work: Biologist Joined: 1/2000

Name: Erik Steggall Email: esteggall@dcMAPSn.org
Skills: URL:
Work: Software engineer Joined: 9/2016

Name: Erik Mullinix Email: hesp@rainworks.MAPSorg
Skills: Linux in business URL: http://www.rainworks.org/
Work: Joined: 4/2001

Name: Erik Schultz Email:
Skills: Networking, security, Cisco URL:
Work: Networking Engineer Joined: 8/2002

Name: Erwin Dutter Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 8/2001

Name: Eso Crnovrsanin Email: crnovrsanin@sbcglobalMAPS.net
Skills: Oracle, Linux URL:
Work: IT professional Joined: 4/2003

Name: Estelle Yeh Email: estelle.eumont@MAPSgmail.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Junior specialist @ UC Davis Joined: 5/2015

Name: Eugene Fodor Email:
Skills: Concurrent programming, Embedded systems, Linux URL: http://www.zworld.com/
Work: Software engineer Joined: 5/2000

Name: Eujen Dunlap Email: erdunlap@ucdavis.eMAPSdu
Skills: - URL: http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/go/sinan
Work: CRS Joined: 6/2002

Name: Evan Scarisbrick Email:
Skills: Electronics/robotics, graphics, web design URL: http://www.cgitech.com/
Work: CGI programming Joined: 8/1999

Name: Evan Egalite Email:
Skills: Distributed Internet Applications URL:
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 7/2002

Name: Foo Lim Email: foolim@gmaMAPSil.com
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 5/1999

Name: Frank John Pina Email: FrankPina34@yMAPSahoo.com
Skills: Computer support URL:
Work: Computer support Joined: 6/2016

Name: Fred Schutzman Email:
Skills: Hardware repair URL:
Work: Teacher Joined: 4/2000


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