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Name: Scot Albert Email:
Skills: Helping people URL:
Work: Entrepreneur Joined: 1/2008

Name: John C. Alden Email:
Skills: VMWare, Xine installer(!), multi-netadmin (Lin,Win,Mac), Red Hat Network, Zope, Wiki, Nagios, Zaurus, Visio; also bass player, cat whisperer, X10 user, and RAID 1 believer. URL:
Work: Trader Joe's Joined: 9/1999

Name: Jason Aldrich Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: ASP and computer repair Joined: 12/2003

Name: Ned Allison Email:
Skills: Databases, video URL:
Work: PBA/Architect Joined: 4/2003

Name: Michael Altarriba Email:
Skills: MSEE, Debian Sys Admin, AI URL:
Work: Electrical Engineer Joined: 3/2002

Name: Sanath Amaratunga Email:
Skills: Process engineering URL:
Work: Post doc. Joined: 6/2006

Name: Kyle Ambroff Email:
Skills: Python, Mono, Debian, C++ URL:
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 3/2009

Name: Thomas Amsler Email: tpamsler@ucdavis.MAPSedu
Skills: Networking URL:
Work: Student Joined: 9/1999

Name: William Andrew Email:
Skills: Photoshop URL:
Work: Joined: 6/2001

Name: Wesley Aptekar-Cassels Email: W.Aptekar@gmail.cMAPSom
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 10/2014

Name: Ruben F. Arevalo Email:
Skills: Solution provider URL:
Work: Computer Specialist Joined: 6/2002

Name: Jeremiah Armstrong Email:
Skills: Java, Networking URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 8/2002

Name: Rob Arnold Email:
Skills: Networking w/ Developers URL:
Work: Software developer Joined: 9/1999

Name: Troy Arnold Email:
Skills: PHP, Perl, Apache, Unreal Tournament URL:
Work: Self-employed geek Joined: 7/2002

Name: Joseph Arruda Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 1/1999

Name: Kent Austin Email:
Skills: Suse URL:
Work: Network administrator Joined: 3/2010


Name: Rhonda Bailey Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 7/1999

Name: Douglas Barbieri Email: doug@dooglio.MAPSnet
Skills: Linux, C++, Win32, COM URL:
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 4/2001

Name: Paul Barnhart Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Retired Joined: 9/2001

Name: David J. Barnum Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2003

Name: William Baron Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 10/2012

Name: Dylan Beaudette Email: debeaudette@ucdavis.edMAPSu
Skills: PPC hardware, remote sensing URL:
Work: Student Joined: 7/2003

Name: Isaac Baumert Email: MAPS
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 9/2001

Name: Joel Baumert Email: jbaumert@gmail.MAPScom
Skills: C, C++, Tcl, TCP/IP, embedded programming URL:
Work: Director of Engineering Joined: 2/2000

Name: Mark Beaver Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Network admin. Joined: 5/2003

Name: Daniel Beeghly Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 5/2003

Name: Brad Benedict Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 3/2001

Name: Paul Bertain Email:
Skills: Network monitoring/support, Unix, web design URL:
Work: Tier 1 tech support Joined: 9/2000

Name: Hitesh Bhatt Email: htbhatt@hotmail.cMAPSom
Skills: Windows 2000 URL:
Work: Student Joined: 9/2002

Name: David Bingle Email:
Skills: Network systems administration URL:
Work: Joined: 1/2004

Name: Gudmundur Bjarnason Email:
Skills: Old hardware URL:
Work: Full-time dad Joined: 9/2000

Name: Kenneth Bloom Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Graduate Student at Illinois Institute of Technology Joined: 12/2002

Name: Alan Bodenhorn Email:
Skills: Fortran, Pascal, PLI, BASIC, International relations URL:
Work: Joined: 5/2003

Name: Tim Bonanno Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: MIS Joined: 5/2001

Name: Grant Bowman Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Advocate Joined: 4/2009

Name: Ian Bowman Email:
Skills: C, C++, Perl, 8086 assembly URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2001

Name: Casey Bralla Email:
Skills: Linux, Hardware, TCP/IP URL:
Work: Engineer Joined: 11/2001

Name: Randy Bradshaw Email:
Skills: General computer, electronics, mechanics URL:
Work: Retired Joined: 4/2011

Name: Manav Brar Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 9/2001

Name: Mark Breitung Email:
Skills: Java URL:
Work: App. Developer Joined: 2/2002

Name: Brandon Bremen Email:
Skills: PHP, Java, DotGNU URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2003

Name: Joel Bremson Email:
Skills: Python, R, databases, Java URL:
Work: Postdoc Joined: 3/2014

Name: Bill Broadley Email:
Skills: Java, Clusters URL:
Work: UC Davis Computational Science and Engineering Dept. Joined: 1/1999

Name: Ralph Brown Email: copz1998@yahoo.MAPScom
Skills: Web design URL:
Work: Police officer Joined: 12/1999

Name: Edward Broyles Email:
Skills: Database, Perl URL:
Work: Data Architect Joined: 11/1999

Name: Richard Bruce Email:
Skills: Public access URL:
Work: Substitute teacher Joined: 5/2002

Name: Ralph Bruckschen Email:
Skills: OpenGL, Performer, OpenInventor, visualization URL:
Work: Large Scale Data Visualization researcher Joined: 12/2000

Name: Nancy Bruss Email:
Skills: Marketing/Counseling IT URL:
Work: Adult Eductation Joined: 6/2002

Name: Dean Bunn Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 1/2015

Name: Chris Burkes Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: network support Joined: 6/2004

Name: Tom Burnett Email:
Skills: Programming, Networking, Games URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2000


Name: Larry Cafiero Email: larry.cafiero@gmail.coMAPSm
Skills: Fairly extensive URL:
Work: Newspaper editor / FOSS advocate Joined: 4/2013

Name: Andy Campbell Email:
Skills: RT-Linux, Control systems URL:
Work: Research assistant, Student Joined: 8/2002

Name: Jorge Campos Email:
Skills: Computer Engineering, Digital ICs URL:
Work: Student Joined: 2/2002

Name: Robert Canson Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Retired Joined: 6/2006

Name: Ed Capriola Email:
Skills: Sybase URL:
Work: Retired Joined: 12/2001

Name: Nicole Carlson Email:
Skills: C++, HTML, French URL:
Work: Student / NASA Joined: 3/1999

Name: Ryan Castellucci Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 8/2001

Name: Stephen Chambers Email: ezpeaceom@yahoo.coMAPSm
Skills: URL:
Work: Social services Joined: 9/2011

Name: Huamin Chen Email:
Skills: VPN, Networking, FS, Apache URL:
Work: Student Joined: 9/2001

Name: David Cheney Email:
Skills: C, Perl, security, Debian URL:
Work: Joined: 11/2002

Name: Mark Chiaravalloti Email: markc@cal.neMAPSt
Skills: Windows, VMWare, AS400 Admin, Database URL:
Work: Business Analyst Joined: 5/2009

Name: Sung Choi Email: sungyeol.choi@gmail.coMAPSm
Skills: URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 6/2011

Name: Sarah Clausen Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 4/1999

Name: Mike Cleary Email:
Skills: Accounting URL:
Work: Consultant Joined: 3/2003

Name: Tim Coddington Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 9/2001

Name: Josh Cohen Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: (Josh passed away in a plane crash in 2005) Joined: 6/1999

Name: Paul Condon Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Retired physicist, computer scientist Joined: 3/2000

Name: Verbus Counts Email:
Skills: Open Source Software Consultant URL:
Work: Project Manager Joined: 6/2000

Name: Mike Covington Email:
Skills: Linux CLI, Perl, R URL:
Work: Bioinformatician Joined: 1/2012

Name: Micah Cowan Email:
Skills: C, C++, Perl, PostScript URL:
Work: Software Engineer Joined: 3/2000

Name: Jedediah Coy Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: IT Joined: 6/2006

Name: David Craig Email:
Skills: Database Development, Python URL:
Work: Prison Admin - Operations Joined: 7/2002

Name: David Crawford Email:
Skills: DOS, Simple Windows GUI, C#, Debian, Fractals, AutoCAD URL:
Work: Student Joined: 12/2000

Name: Richard Crawford Email:
Skills: PHP, some Perl, web development, writing, grilling URL:
Work: Solaris/Oracle Wrangler, UC Davis Extension Distance Education Group. Library student. Joined: 7/2001

Name: John Cripsin Email:
Skills: HTML, some Perl/CGI URL:
Work: Web developer Joined: 12/2010

Name: Eso Crnovrsanin Email:
Skills: Oracle, Linux URL:
Work: IT professional Joined: 4/2003

Name: Sonny Cruz Email:
Skills: Java URL:
Work: Joined: 10/2003

Name: Matthew Curran Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 10/1999

Name: Tom Curtis Email:
Skills: Surviving URL:
Work: Truss Designer Joined: 9/2004

Name: Ingo Cyliax Email:
Skills: Hardware, software design URL:
Work: Sr. Research Engineer Joined: 1/2006


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