Linux Users' Group of Davis - "Next Meeting: February 19, 2018: emerge world: Putting Your Processor to the Grindstone"

Next Meeting

--- WHEN ---

February 19, 2018

--- WHERE ---

Special Location:
Explorit Nature Center
3141 5th Street
Davis, CA 95616


--- TOPIC ---
emerge world: Putting Your Processor to the Grindstone

Glenn K.


Join us this February for a technical presentation by Glenn K. about Gentoo GNU/Linux and the Portage package manager. Tonight's talk will cover topics such as building and merging software packages, Portage tools and core configurations, file organization and management, how Portage builds packages, where Portage goes for build instructions, and portions of the Gentoo operating system.

--- AGENDA ---
  • Introduction of new members
    If you're a new member, or haven't been to LUGOD for a while, take some time to introduce yourself to us. (Who are you, what do you use Linux for, how did you discover LUGOD, etc.)
  • News, Questions and Announcements
    Companies with on-topic announcements and members with Linux-related questions or news can speak up now. Also, a summary of what's been going on in the worlds of Linux, GNU, Open Source, BSD, Free Software, other Unixes, etc.
  • Special Elections
    Kenneth Lyons
  • Project Reports
  • Other Business
  • Voluntary due collection
    A collection basket will be passed around. Feel free to donate, or not donate, to LUGOD. (We're a 501(c)7 non-profit.)
  • Mini Presentation
    Demos and short-topic speakers are also common at meetings.
    • None scheduled
  • Presentation
    Presentations are the core of our meetings.
    • emerge world: Putting Your Processor to the Grindstone
      Glenn K.

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