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Members - Past Officers

This page lists all of LUGOD's previous elected officers (root, sys, typescript and /dev/null), for posterity. (Our current elected and appointed officers are listed on the officers page.)

LUGOD was founded in January 1999 by Pete Salzman (see his call for formation from December 1998), with help from others in the Davis community. Our Bylaws and Constitution were ratified in August 1999. We received 501(c)7 non-profit status in March 2000.

Note: This page was first created nearly 6 years after LUGOD was formed! Did we forget anyone or get any details wrong? If so, please contact the webmaster!

Also, this page currently focuses on elected officers. We may add appointed positions as well, though that was not kept track of in nearly as much detail as elected positions...

Rhonda Salzman (Bailey) - /dev/null

Rhonda was LUGOD's second /dev/null and graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in electrical engineering from UC Davis. She is now living in New Jersey pursuing a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Princeton University. She started out with SuSE, but now uses Debian GNU/Linux with the Enlightenment window manager.

As of December 2004 - Rhonda now lives in New Jersey.

Ken Bloom - typescript

Ken has been a LUGOD member since December 2002.

As of December 2004 - ...

Ryan Castellucci - sys

Ryan Castellucci has been a LUGOD member since August 2001.

As of November 2014 - ...

Greg FitzGerald - /dev/null

Greg was a LUGOD member from December 2008, and joined on as treasurer (/dev/null) the following year. As of November 2014 - Greg lives in southern California.

Melissa Hardenbrook - typescript

Melissa Hardenbrook was LUGOD's first secretary. She helped set up meetings and greet newcomers. She graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor's degree in Linguistics. She runs Debian on her desktop and laptop.

As of November 2014 - Melissa lives in Davis, California.

Stephen Matthew Helms - typescript

(Interesting bio goes here.)

As of December 2004 - Stephen Matthew Helms lives in Sacramento and works for Apple.

Henry House - root, sys, /dev/null, Librarian, Demo Coordinator, LERT dispatcher

Henry has been maintainer of LUGOD's free lending library and coordinator for LERT and hands-on demos. He has given a number of presentations at LUGOD on topics ranging from encryption and privacy, to using Linux on Apple Macintosh hardware.

As of November 2004 - Henry lives near Davis and works for Smashwords, Inc. He is also highly involved in both his family's farm, Coco Ranch, and his their agricultural consulting business, House Agricultural.

Dmitriy Ivanov, sys

(Interesting bio goes here.)

As of November 2014 - Dmitriy lives in San Francisco and works as a developer for Smashwords, Inc.

Zach Johnson, /dev/null

(Interesting bio goes here.)

As of November 2014 - Zach lives in Woodland and works at UC Davis.

Bill Kendrick - root, sys, Librarian, Webmaster, Public Relations Officer

Bill is a co-founder of the Linux Users' Group of Davis, and has held both "root" and "sys" officer positions, as well as webmaster, librarian and public relations appointed positions.

As of August 2017 - Bill lives in Washington state, and is the CTO of Smashwords, Inc.

Brian Lavender - sys

Brian was also founder of SacLUG.

As of November 2014 - Brian lives in Sacramento.

Daphne Pareas - typescript

As of December 2015 - Daphne Pareas lives in they bay area and works for Facebook.

Andrew Roach - typescript

Andrew joined LUGOD in 2009, and held the typescript position between 2009 and 2015. As of December 2015 - He owns and operates NETWeRKS, a computer & IT service company in Sacramento.

Jennifer Rutherford - typescript

Jennifer acted as LUGOD's secretary.

As of December 2004 - (Current status goes here)

Pete Salzman - root, sys, LERT dispatcher, Installfest Coordinator

Pete Salzman is the founder of LUGOD. He formed the club by calling its first meeting after becoming frustrated with the lack of activity in UCD's existing Open Source club.

Peter's contributions to the club have included: founder, seeding the first committees within LUGOD, inception of LUGOD's monthly Installfest workshops, creation of LUGOD's 'Linux Emergency Response Team', drafting of LUGOD's constitution and bylaws, and helping to get LUGOD's non-profit status.

As of December 2005 - Peter graduated UC Davis with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and is now living in New Jersey.

Nick Schmalenberger - typescript

Nick joined LUGOD in October 2002. (Interesting bio goes here.)

As of December 2005 - (Current status goes here)

Mike Simons - root, sys

Mike spent most of his childhood in Northern Virginia. Fall of 1992 after about 30 install attempts managed to install Slackware on a 386 25-DX, with 8 megs of RAM and 80 Megs of disk space. Over the next few months he became very skilled re-installing as bad command or system bug after another wiped out the system. The highlight of that system was kernel compiles took about 20 hours and were left to run overnight.

As of November 2014 - Mike currently lives in Davis and works for Oracle.

Jonathan Stickel - root, Installfest Coordinator

Jonathan Stickel is currently a Chemical Engineering graduate student at UC Davis. He is studying the flow of complex fluids by means of computer simulations.

Jonathan gradually started using Linux because of the tools available for writing LaTeX documents. He now uses Linux for all his computing needs, from C++ programming to computer gaming. Jonathan started with RedHat due to the ease of installation. He has recently switched to Gentoo because of it's ease of use (post-installation).

Emily Stumpf, root, typescript

Emily Stumpf is a UCD graduate in computer science. She has been a LUGOD member since October 1999.

As of November 2014 - Emily lives in San Francisco.

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