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The Linux Users' Group of Davis (LUGOD) is a 501(c)7 not-for-proift, founded in 1999. Our goals include advocating Linux and other Free and Open Source Software in the local community, educating and supporting each other, and providing a local social network of people interested in Linux and related topics.

Since its inception, our group has remained very active, holding both general meetings and social gatherings each month and running Installfest workshops. We can also sometimes be found exhibiting at local technical conferences and other events.

Diverse and Well-Connected

By speaking at LUGOD, you'll have the opportunity to present to a diverse group of individuals, including students and faculty from UC Davis, IT professionals from Davis, Sacramento, and the surrounding communities, and, of course, hobbyists.

LUGOD does its best to cater to all technical levels of our membership. We gauge meeting topics, and provide mailing lists for both general Linux discussion as well as more technical topics.

Our group actively promotes our meetings in the community, and at the same time keeps our own membership informed about the activities of our neighbor user groups We also keep records and photographs of our previous meetings, and an archive of our speakers' presentation notes.

What to Expect

Attendance: Our group's typical attendance is anywhere between 10 and 80, depending on the topic and the time of year.

Location: LUGOD typically meets at the Davis Public Library, though sometimes we meet on the UC Davis campus or elsewhere.

Audio/Visual: The Davis Public Library's facilities include a projection system, Internet access, and the capacity for a large audience. Other venues we may meet at have different features; however LUGOD does have our own projector with HDMI and VGA inputs, capable of up to 1900x1280 (1280x720 native) resolution.

How to Arrange

When: LUGOD holds general meetings on the third Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted. We keep a list of upcoming meetings, where we list both confirmed and tentatively-booked speakers.

Meetings run from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. We begin meetings with introductions/roll-call, and club business. Presentations usually begin by 7:30pm.

Contact us: If you would like to speak at LUGOD, contact our Public Relations Officer: (Depending on the topic and the general membership's interest, we may decline.)

What we need: To best promote your presentation, and to let our membership know what to expect from your visit, we'll need:

  • Your name, organization or project you'll be representing, and your position, if applicable
  • A short title describing your talk (e.g., "History of the foo Project")
  • A summary blurb, describing your talk. Feel free to define terms or describe products, as you see fit. URLs are welcome.
  • Your biographical information is always helpful.
  • The general technical level of your talk. (Not technical at all? Extremely technical? See our 'geek-o-meter page' for an idea of the ratings we normally use.)
  • What will you need from us? (A projector is assumed. Will you need a computer? Internet access? A television?)

Give-aways: You are welcome to bring give-aways ("swag"), flyers, pamphlets and handouts. Unless you or we think the meeting will have a larger-than-usual attendance, 25-30 of each item is plenty. (We can keep the rest to give away at later meetings, other events, or to pass along to other LUGs.)

Raffles: If you plan to raffle items, let us know so we can hand out raffle tickets. If you have some other way of giving away items (such as a quiz), please let us know ahead of time so we can make sure it's appropriate for our venue, and so we can plan ahead!

Food: It costs money to have food at our regular location (at the Davis Library), so we typically do not bring any. If you'd like to supply food to our audience, that would be great! Just let us know ahead of time so we can (1) make sure we can afford to pay extra for the room, and (2) announce it! (Free food is known to increase attendance!)

Anything Else? If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to let us know when we arrange your visit. (If you've simply got some suggestions on how to improve this document, let the webmaster know!)

Thank you for your interest in speaking at LUGOD!
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Last modified: 2008-10-26