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2002.05.07 Meeting Notes


  • CA congressman Joe Baca (D) introduced HR 4645, a bll which will make it illegal to sell videogames to minors that depict decapitation, murder, car jackings, drug use, etc.

  • Virus infects a worm - Chernobyl, a 4-year-old virus, is making a comeback. It has somehow infected the recent Klez worm which has been spreading wildly between Windows users lately.

  • VA rep. Rick Boucher (D) says he has sufficient support to introduce a bill that will dismantel the DMCA. He plans to rewrite section 1201 which says "no person shall circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title."

  • RedHat Linux 7.3 was released. Mandrake 8.2 coming soon.

  • CNN reports that Microsoft has more liquid assets (i.e., cash) than Ford, Exxon/Mobil, and Wal-Mart... COMBINED. Enough to buy the world airline industry... twice. More money that Fort Knox has... four times over. Enough to buy 23 space shuttles. Enough to buy every single baseball, basketball, football and hockey team in the US. (That's $40bn.)

  • Intel is releasing the 850E chipset, which supports a 533MHz front-side bus (FSB). Fasted CPU speed so far is 2.53GHz.

  • OpenOffice has hit 1.0.

  • OpenSSH has a vulnerability for remote exploit, but only if configured with Kerberos and AFS support enabled.

  • A book on IA-64 Linux Kernel development has been published.

  • Netcraft's most recent survey shows Apache usage at 64.38%. Microsoft IIS is only at 27.15. Both are climbing slowly. IIS slightly faster than Apache.

Project Reports

  • Demo - The last demo was on Sat. April 27th. Mike Simons got everything but sound (and possibly 3D accelleration) working on our demo box, including a full, local Debian mirror!

    VMWare donated a single workstation license which we will install on the demo machine, to demonstrate Windows-under-Linux.

    Coincidentally, CodeWeavers donated copies of CrossOver Office and CrossOver Plugin, which we will also install on the demo machine.

  • Installfests - Our last Installfest was on April 21st. About 10 machines were present. Nothing spectacular to report.

  • LERT - No LERT news.

  • Library - Mandrake donated a boxed copy of 8.1 which we are entering into our library.

Other Business

  • California 4-H Presentation - Nothing new to report. The presentation will be in August.

  • Whole Earth Festival - Joel Baumert and Jim Riffel of Z-World are burning 100 DemoLinux 3.0 CD-ROMs to hand out. Bill Kendrick has created "installation" documentation inserts for the CDs.

    Mandrake donated about 60 copies of single-disc Mandrake 8.1 installations.

    Bill also created 100 8-page info. packets which explain who LUGOD is, where to learn more about Linux, a number of reasons one would want to avoid using Microsoft (bugs, viruses, anti-competitive practices, and invasions of privacy), and copies of the Free Software and Open Source definitions.

    Ryan Castellucci and Marianne Waage are lending LUGOD card tables to set up at the event. Nicole Carlson and Ryan are bringing chairs.

    Nicole will be bringing her laptop on Friday and Saturday morning. Ryan may not be able to bring his on Saturday. Doug Baribieri can bring his new laptop, but needs help repartitioning Windows&nsbp;2000, so that he can install Linux before the event.

    More volunteers (read: bodies) are needed to help answer questions and hand out information and discs.

    Bill Kendrick will be providing transportation on Friday, and possibly Saturday.

  • Class with DCN - The class will be about Linux for the office, and will include a hands-on demonstration of KDE, KOffice, The GIMP and Evolution. The City of Davis PCs run Windows, so Rod has set up his server to run a number of simultaneous Linux desktop sessions which the students can access using VNC!

    The class is scheduled for Wed. May 22nd from 6:30pm to 8pm. Register with Richard Lowenberg of DCN.

  • Sandwiches - Steve Nguyen of TekSystems in Sacramento donated two large deli sandwiches.

  • Game - A law is being proposed that will prohibit the sale of video games which contain any one of the following: decapitation, murder, carjacking, rape, assualt, prostitutes or drug use. The first person to e-mail p@dirac.org with a game which contains ALL of these will win a copy of Tribes II for Linux.

  • Financial Report - $30.00 in voluntary dues were collected.


  • Andy Ross and Jim Brennan of the FlightGear Open Source flight simulator project, and John Wojnaroski of the OpenGC Open Source glass cockpit project, demonstrated these two software packages.

    They brought three desktop systems, a laptop, and three LCD displays. Two slide presentations were given, a number of FlightGear models and views were shown, and OpenGC was demonstrated, running on one multi-headed system, talking over a network with FlightGear on another computer!

    Presentation notes


  • Pete Salzman
  • Mike Simons
  • Melissa Hardenbrook
  • Henry House
  • Bill Kendrick
  • Andy Ross
  • John Wojnaroski
  • Jim Brennan
  • Joel Baumert
  • Sarah Baumert
  • Isaac Baumert
  • Rod Roark
  • Ryan Castellucci
  • Doug Barbieri
  • Richard Harkey
  • Carl Yates
  • Jeff DeFay
  • Dave Nelson
  • Dick
  • Sam Merrit
  • Mark P.
  • John Reynolds
  • Jim
  • Tom Burnett
  • Richard Bruce
  • Jesse
  • Bill Broadley
  • Matt Roper
  • Rhonda Bailey
  • Stephen Helms
  • Brian Lavender


Photos of this meeting.

Quote of the Meeting

  • "You've got to learn not to do that, because you'll DIE if you do!" - Andy Ross, on stalling a plane.

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