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Linux changes you...

Don Werve, 2002.Mar.20

My new kitten somehow managed to kill my motherboard by playing scratchy- scratchy with the connectors on the back panel -- not sure how, but it doesn't work properly anymore.

While I was pulling my workstation out of my desk, I came to the realization that, as a Linux user, I hadn't even bothered to look at my workstation for months; e.g., that it's been sitting in its own little cabinet for so long that it had accumulated a thick carpet of dust on top.

The reset button has never been used.

Actually seeing my physical workstation sitting there in front of me felt a bit strange; I have gotten so used to just sitting down at my keyboard and working that the concept of a physical computer being present just sort of left my mind.


I swapped in a new motherboard and booted right up, without having to [deal] with a corrupted registry, or any other nastiness associated with throwing a new motherboard under a Windows machine (even Win2K).

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