Linux Users' Group of Davis - "LUGOD and Davis High School"

The Davis High School Committee was formed by Peter Salzman as a way of getting Linux into the classroom. We asked VA Linux Systems, the leading provider of Linux-based computers (and more), to donate a few machines to the local high school for the purpose of teaching students how to use and administer a real Unix system.

In turn, VA donated some state of the art machines on the condition that they be used by the students to learn Linux. LUGOD acknowledges the very generous donation made by VA Linux Systems, and we thank them on behalf of our group and the entire City of Davis. We hope to work closely with many of the students to teach them programming, system administration and the many high quality applications that are available on the Linux platform.

We also welcome the many DHS students who are LUGOD members and who regularly attend our informative twice-monthly meetings.

LUGOD: PO Box 1336, Davis, CA 95617

Last updated: 2001 Jul 18 17:17